What can I expect to pay for SYMBICORT?

The list price for a 30-day supply of SYMBICORT is $303.42* (80/4.5 mcg) and $346.83* (160/4.5 mcg). However, it is important to understand that this list price may not be reflective of your cost for SYMBICORT. Your out-of-pocket costs are determined by your insurance type.

The information below may help you estimate your cost for SYMBICORT based on your insurance, but your insurance provider can provide more specific information.

Insurance Type:

For people with employer or individual private insurance, the average out-of-pocket cost*** is $33.22 per month.

For people with Medicare Part D coverage, the average out-of-pocket cost*** is $31.03 per month.

For people with Medicaid, the out-of-pocket costs*** range from $.90-$1.82 per month. Some states offer even lower co-pays or eliminate the copay altogether.

If you do not have insurance coverage or your insurance does not cover SYMBICORT, you can expect to pay the amount determined by your pharmacy, which will vary.

What if I can’t afford my SYMBICORT?

AstraZeneca is committed to providing assistance if you can’t afford your SYMBICORT:

  • If you are uninsured or have Medicare Part D and still face affordability challenges, you may be eligible for our patient assistance program, AZ&Me

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*RedBook as of March 2019.
Out-of-pocket costs: All expenses that are not covered by your insurance.
***IQVIA Formulary Impact Analyzer (FIA) audit, 12 months ending December 2018, average based on 30-day Rx supply.

AstraZeneca’s Commitment to Access and Affordability

People all over the world are living longer, healthier and more productive lives thanks to innovative medicines developed by companies like AstraZeneca. At AstraZeneca, we believe it’s not enough for us to simply make medicines, we have to help ensure that the people who need our medicines have access to them. In fact, we’ve offered assistance programs for over 40 years, and we offer other programs and services to help people get the medicines they need.