If you'd like to talk to your doctor about your medications but you’re not sure where to start, why not try tracking your medications? It's a good way to open up the conversation, and it may help you and your doctor see patterns that emerge over time.

For example, you might notice specific days or times when you miss a dose or have to use your rescue inhaler more than usual.

To track your medications, note down the following each day and then discuss with your doctor:

  • How many times did I use my maintenance inhaler, and when?
  • How many times did I use my rescue inhaler, and when?
  • How breathless was I?
  • How much did I cough?
  • How much mucus did I produce?
  • How tired did I feel?
  • Did I take any other medications? Which ones? How much did they help?
  • What else was going on? Did I have a cold or another illness? Was the weather hot and humid? Was the pollen count high?
  • Am I taking my maintenance inhaler as my doctor prescribed?
  • What have I done before that has helped me to cope when my breathing gets bad? For example, breathing tips and techniques, talking to a loved one, taking my rescue inhaler