Have you faced problems with SOB (shortness of breath) at work? You’re not alone.

Here are some things you can do to make breathing easier at the workplace. Some may even apply to public settings in general:

  • Ask your doctor for suggestions to help you perform your specific work tasks.
  • Get a rolling cart to help move things around instead of carrying them yourself—this could help save your breath.
  • Ask your employer or human resources department about whether you can get easy access parking, with a spot close to the building—to make your walk to the office shorter and easier.
  • Ask to have your desk or office closer to the entrance/exit so you can reach it more easily.
  • Take frequent breaks so you can rest and catch your breath when needed.
  • Ask about a more flexible work schedule with telecommuting and work-from-home options—this may help you cut back on physical effort so you can breathe easier.
  • Delegate responsibility—this could be an effective way to enlist the support of your colleagues.
  • Work in a smoke-free environment.

Remember to talk candidly with your employer about your condition. Let them know that their support is key to your ability to contribute your best.