Managing your breathing is about balancing daily life so you have the space—and breath—to do some of the things you want to. This means that you may have to take some things out of your day so that you have room for what’s important to you.

Imagine your day as a suitcase. Which activities can you fit in the suitcase while allowing for the weight of breathing? You have to carry the suitcase around with you all day, so you can’t make it too heavy.

Think about all the things you feel you have to do in your day. No doubt you’ll want to get showered and dressed and eat your regular meals. And maybe you’ve got housework to do and groceries to fetch.
Put all those things in your suitcase.

Now think about the things you’d like to do in your day. Perhaps you’d like to go out with friends, do some gardening, or take the dog for a walk. Look at your suitcase again. Is there enough room to do the things you’d like to do? Or will cramming everything in mean that you are breathless and exhausted? Is there enough space left in there for you to get some rest, too?

Think about what you could take out of your case to make space for the things you’d like to do. Obviously you can’t take out getting dressed and eating, but do all those other chores really need to be done in one day? Can you think of ways other people can carry things from your suitcase for you? For example, could someone fetch groceries for you?

Now re-pack your case so you’ve got a balance of the things you have to do and would like to, and so that you won’t end up breathless and exhausted.


by changing your plan, not your goal.