7 tips to help you breathe better when preparing meals

Love a good meal? Don’t we all! But if you’re living with a breathing condition, cooking may take more effort than you can give. Fortunately, there are some small things you can do, hacks that may help you save energy as you cook up your next meal.

7 Classic Kitchen Hacks

1. Keep a cutting board over the sink

Get a cutting board designed to fit over your kitchen sink. It’s not only convenient, but it may help you minimize your movements as you prep, cut, and clean!

2. Use a hose to add water to pots and pans

That way, you can fill them while they’re on the counter, and don’t have to lift them up from the sink.

3. Cook with double-handled pots and pans

They’re easier to lift than those with single handles. And if they’re lightweight, all the better!

4. Make meals with short prep times

Less time means less effort – which could help you conserve your energy for things that really matter, like sharing a meal with friends and loved ones.

5. Don’t stand for prepping on your feet!

Take a load off and sit down at a table or counter when preparing ingredients.

6. Use a wheeled cart to move things around

And not just heavy items. You can also use the cart to help set the table, serve dinner, and clean up afterward.

7. Slide heavy items instead of lifting

Don’t lift heavy items if you can avoid it – minimize how much you exert yourself by sliding them. Remember, when in doubt, slide!


Use these tricks to help you save your breath as you savor the joys of cooking in your kitchen! To learn more about things you can do to help you breathe better, talk to your doctor.

To see these tips in action, check out the video above! And stay cooking!